Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just in time for all Hallows, a time travellers visit

An interesting illusion is getting a new life again as we head towards Halloween, with some renewed attention paid to an old Charlie Chaplin film from 1928.

The film in question called The Circus, offers up a surprising glimpse of a woman walking through an exhibit and talking into a device in her hand

It's what she has in her hand that is providing for all the speculation, the more adventurous or mischievous, suggest that the woman is a time traveller caught on film talking into her cel phone.

The more skeptical or non believers in the paranormal figure it was an early prototype of a hearing aid or perhaps someone having a little fun in the Chaplin film.

Some of the more interesting of theories can be found here, here or here.

Regardless, it makes for an interesting mystery heading into the weekend dedicated to the unexplained and mysterious.

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