Thursday, October 07, 2010

Rampage among teams sanctioned by CIHL over ineligible players

The CIHL office has apparently issued three sanctions this week over questions of ineligible players taking to the ice last weekend in the season openers for the Senior hockey league.

The Prince Rupert Rampage were reportedly sanctioned by CIHL President Terry Marleau for their use of an ineligible player during the October 2nd game in Kitimat.

Jerry Kurka is listed as one of three CIHL names on the mind of the CIHL President.  Though word of the sanctions in the case of the Rampage makes for a curious situation, considering the game notes don't show the name of the assistant coach on either the post game sheet or  box score for the October 2nd game.

The CIHL requires that all active players on league rosters be carded by the Canadian Hockey Association to play in the Central Interior Hockey League, something that in the case of the three teams sanctioned over the weekend isn't in place.

Burns Lake and Smithers also felt the wrath of Marleau for their use of ineligible players over the weekend, with the President having questions regarding the use Mike Corby for the Braves and Andy Malbeuf of the Steelheads, both were listed as the ineligible players from the weekend.

In the instance of the Burns Lake game with Williams Lake the punishment twas the reversal of the result of the game, which gives Williams Lake a victory for a game that they had lost after 60 minutes.

No details on the scope of the sanctions for the Prince Rupert and Smithers team were provided.

Word of the league sanctions first appeared on the Williams Lake Stampeders site, as well as in the Williams Lake Tribune  with in a story posted on Thursday.

The topic of the sanctions has also been introduced on the unofficial website chat portal for fans of the CIHL.

Update, October 8, 2010:

Part of the mystery of the Prince Rupert Rampage sanction has been cleared up,  the following appeared as an explanation of the disciplinary action taken by the league office, it was posted in response to a topic on the chat portal that follows the CIHL developments.

The article was incorrect in naming those two individuals as being uncarded. They were in fact the two individuals that signed off on the game sheets in question. As such they have been assesed apropriate disciplinary action.

The Prince Rupert Rampage failed to card any players or coaching staff prior to last weekends game. They have been assesed appropriate punishment for this non-action on their part. 

 The League is confident that each team now knows they are being monitored in their carding requirements and will not make any further mistakes.

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