Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lines begin to form on questions of Carole James leadership

The Tyee on line news magainze is making like Santa these days, making up lists and checking them twice, looking to see who thinks NDP leader Carole James has been naughty or nice.

Spurred on it seems by her recent exile of now former Cariboo North NDP MLA Bob Simpson, their findings of the last week or so have revealed that there's a bit of discontent at her draconian ways.

Former NDP MLA Corky Evans is apparently so upset with the direction that Ms. James is taking the party he once sought to lead that he gave some thought to cancelling his membership in the party, but now instead will join the push for an anticipated NDP convention in 2011 where the topic of a leadership review may end up on the convention floor.

 If it does, there appears to be a growing list of NDP supporters looking to weigh in on the topic, among some of the more notables from the NDP offering up a positive or negative review of the recent in house termination are: Mike Farnworth, Rob Fleming, David Schreck on the pro James side, while  Helmut Giesbrecht, Harry Lali and Bill Tieleman (who offered up this review of what he believes is Ms. James political mis-step) are among the nays.

For those looking to keep score at home the full scorecard pro or against thus far can be found here.

Over on the sidelines and perhaps taking careful notes might be Premier Gordon Campbell, set to deliver his state of the province address on October 27th, no doubt ready to gauge how those shifting NDP winds may provide some re-write material the closer that he gets to  his TV close up.

We imagine, that the Premier and his advisers along with the rest of us will be frequently checking in on the Tyee's Hook political feature portal , looking for the latest developments in what may be a challenging fall for the NDP leader.

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