Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bed bug debunking for Rupert

Bed bugs, the apparent current topic de jour of local coffee shops and such around town received an examination on the CFTK TV evening news last night.

A story that featured the current concerns and provided for some hard background information, to go along with the anecdotal information and rumours that have been making the rounds of town of late.

The fascination with bedbugs in recent months has seemingly been taking on the thing of urban legend, with visions of hordes of the critters bringing terror from New York to Vancouver and beyond.

The local theme has been making the rounds over the last few months, (the topic received its earliest reviews on the local information portal htmf) , but as of yet there has been no official notification from Northern Health of any major concerns, nor has the School District seemingly been unduly alarmed by any reports and issued any advisories.

The TV 7 report from Sahar Nassimdoost (see video here) seems to have provided the kind of details that should quell some of the more anxious of concerns of late of a bed bug infestation in the city.

Featuring an informative bit of study from a Pest Control Company, their contribution which is like a Bed Bug 101 course offers up some important facts to consider.

During the course of the report we learn what to look for around the home as far as bed bug infestations go  and for the most part  it seems to take away some of the hysteria that just the mention of the word seems to bring out.

While there has been one case of bed bugs reported in the city,  the  prospect that the bugs are marching across the city is a concern that for Prince Rupert it would seem, is to be more of a  myth than a fact based event.

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