Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Real estate transactions on the rise in Prince Rupert

The latest statistics from the Northern BC Real Estate board have beern released and they show an increase in sales for Prince Rupert as the city moves forward from past results over the last few years.

The first nine months of 2010 have seen 96 properties change hands for a total of 16.5 million dollars, up from 82, worth 13.8 million at this time last year.  

80 single family homes have been sold so far this year, with half of that inventory selling for less than 177,000 dollars (down 1 dollar from 2009 numbers). The average amount of time to sell a home in the city this year has been 127 days, down from 138 in 2009.  

And with the rising financial numbers apparently comes rising volumes in the inventories of local Realtors.  Since the end of September there were 257 properties listed as available with the MLS system, compared to 241 properties that were listed in 2009.

Results and comparisons between Rupert and other Northwest communities are as follows:

Terrace featured 164 properties sold in the same period for a value of 30.4 million, down from last year when that community had 208 properties sold for a total of 35.3 million.

Kitimat had 76 properties listed as sold in the first nine months of this year for a total of 10.8 million, down from last years 79 properties sold in the same period for 12.8 million dollars.

Smithers had the most success of Northwest communities, as 181 properties changed hands to the end of September for a value of 37 million dollars, up from 2009's numbers of172 properties sold for 34 million dollars.

You can take a look at the full review of real estate in Northern British Columbia from this article on the Opinion 250 website.


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