Saturday, October 23, 2010

Highway of Tears investigators provide update to families of victims

While Prince George RCMP continue their investigation into this month's discovery of the body of 35 year old Cynthia Maas, the latest victim of  foul play in the Prince George area , the RCMP investigators into the Highway of Tears files, part of a unit named E-Pana offered up an update for the families of the eighteen missing or murdered women along the Highway 16 corridor.

The families gathered in Prince George on Friday to learn of the latest information that the RCMP could provide into those cases, all of which remain unsolved and without closure for those that have been left behind.

Friday's sessions were the seventh of similar nature recommended by a 2006 symposium into the deaths and disappearances, designed to address one of the key concerns of that symposium that the RCMP had not provided enough information to the families on the status of their investigation.

Details of the Friday meeting were kept confidential between the families and the RCMP, though a spokesperson for the police did re-inforce to the public that each of the files remains active and ongoing.

The regular updates for the families are designed to let the families know that the work is ongoing and that investigators continue to try and develop leads that may one day lead to answers and closure for the families involved.

The Prince George information site Opinion 250 had this review of Friday's sessions.

Earlier this month Gladys Radek, the aunt of Tamara Chipman who has been missing since 2005 spoke out  to the Globe and Mail with her thoughts on the investigation.

Taking issue with some of the perceptions that are used when it comes to commentary on the victims of both the Highway of Tears cases and other reported murders and disappearances of late.

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