Sunday, October 24, 2010

On second thought, maybe a brown bag would be best

If it's lunch time, do you know how your favourite dining location shapes up?

Across British Columbia, local health authorities continue to be on the watch for eating establishments that don't always keep up to the best of standards, a listing of offences that sometimes provides for more than a few surprises.

Health Inspectors in Greater Vancouver for instance recently released their latest list of food inspections, sessions conducted at local eateries across the  Greater Vancouver area.

Their findings are making for  an interesting compilation of sins,  featuring problems that in some cases led to the closure of a number of eating options across the Lower Mainland.

Among the more intriguing of note, was the cafeteria at North Surrey Secondary School , a dining experience where we imagine kids may turn down the lunch money and ask Mom and Dad for a brown bag lunch more often than at other schools in the province.

Locally school cafeterias seem to have survived the inspection routine, but a few of our local establishments didn't fare quite as well as Northern Health lists its most recent findings from its tours  behind the scenes of our North Coast dining options.

Only one restaurant made the High hazard category after the most recent inspection, in some cases providing for repeat appearances from previous warnings issued.  

You can access the full Northern Health list from this link, click on the left hand side of the list for Prince Rupert or other communities where you may have had a meal or two in the last little while.

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