Thursday, June 04, 2009

With a click you'll see a chick... The Herons are hatching...

A Northwest Community College project which was started back in March is starting to pay off some dividends, as the students of the applied coastal ecology have finally found success from their dedicated web viewing.

The Blue Heron project, which saw local students place a net cam over a Blue Heron nest in Moresby Park has provided its first hatching video, with Mother Nature providing the first subject on Tuesday with the birth of a Great Blue Heron chick.

It was an event that was watched live over the Internet from a site hosted by NWCC, the site was set up as a learning aid as part of the study of the Blue Heron which has seen its numbers decreasing on the south coast over the last number of years, students are anxious to determine if that's a trend that is also taking hold in the north.

For those that missed the blessed event, there's good news, a second act may be coming along shortly, Pouyan Mahboubi, the Instructor of the applied coastal ecology program advises that a second heron egg is expected to hatch over the next couple of days.

You can lay in the supplies and hunker down to the website location here, and wait for your chance to pass out the cigars...

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