Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another successful Seafest

The Weather Gods co-operated to bring a sun filled and precipitation free Seafest to the North coast for another year.

A wide variety of events for the locals took place over the three days of celebration, from the always popular Seafest parade to the shish ka bob festival of the downtown core and waterfront events and the Civic Centre beer gardens, Rupertites soaked up some sun and good times.

In among all those celebrations, the city's lady golfers managed to get in their mandatory sessions at the Ladies Jubilee, making for a pretty packed weekend for local residents, who always look forward to June and its promise of summer fun.

Congratulations to all the organizers of Seafest and their volunteers, who once again managed to pull off one of the great events of the Northwest.

The local on line neighbourhood hackingthemainframe, has provided a number of excellent photos to capture the spirit of the event and weekend's activities, photographers with much better equipment and much better eye for the perfect shot than I.

For those that have moved away and miss those June memories, you can check out the galleries from this link...

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