Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saskatchewan wants to go nuclear

They mine the uranium, so they may as well use it as well!

With Ontario's Chalk River reactor showing its age and its problems, the ability to create isotopes for medical use has hit a slowdown, a problem that has not escaped the eye of Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall.

The Saskatchewan Premier is hopeful that the Federal Government and private industry will be quick to embrace their plan to enter the nuclear age, with a nuclear reactor designed to create isotopes for medical research.

He even included the nuclear thoughts as part of his recent election campaign, anxious to make better use of the provinces vast uranium resources and provide jobs for Saskatchewan residents, all in the name of medicine.

It seems like a workable plan, one which will put Canada in the forefront of medical research and development. More importantly it may stem what seems to be a potential brain drain out of the country as scientists scramble to remind the Federal Government of the importance of the work that results from the products of Chalk River.

Of course if the project does eventually get the go ahead, one hopes that they have good handle on the application for employment process, one must be careful when assessing the abilities of those applying for work at a Nuclear reactor!

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