Sunday, June 21, 2009

Funny what folks remember about their time in Prince Rupert

Two waterfront views to remember?
"We were expecting Borneo, exotic tropical home of mangrove, orangutans and proboscis monkeys. Instead we seem to be flying over Prince Rupert, a small, unprepossessing port city on the north coast of B.C.

There is the same huddle of utilitarian three-storey structures you'd see in Prince Rupert, perched between the same harbour and the same range of low coastal mountains. And, worst of all, the same steady Prince Rupert downpour, rendering the view a cheerless, grey smudge." -- Former Prince Rupert journalist Tony Atherton, writing in a travel feature for the Ottawa Citizen.

This could be the one and only time that the references Prince Rupert and Borneo appear together near as we can tell, as a former editor of the Daily News finds similarities between the two in a recent article for the Ottawa Citizen.

Tony Atherton who once toiled at our local paper in the 1980's, long ago moved on to greater journalistic fame and no doubt fortune at the newspaper in the nation's capital.
From his work in the arts section, he has apparently moved on to providing the occasional travel exclusive for those civil servants taking time from their duties to dream of exotic locales.

And to that we provide the most recent contribution to the Citizen's travel pages, an interesting look at life in Borneo, parsed apparently with his long lasting memories of his time on the North coast.

The Ottawa Citizen-- A bargain in Borneo

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