Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Mr. Brown, meet Mr. Martin

It’s a political version of Groundhog Day playing out in the United Kingdom these days, the former Finance Minister, a long time steward of the thriving economy back in the day, who finally got his long sought after opportunity to govern the nation, now suddenly in peril of being replaced.

Though in the case of Gordon Brown, (unlike former Canadian Liberal leader Paul Martin), Labour Party leader Gordon Brown may not even be given the chance of battling in an general election before he is ceremoniously punted from his post.

In a scenario that seems uncannily similar to the final days of the Paul Martin leadership, a scandal or string of scandals is signalling the pending end of the Brown era (such as it is/was). And now the backroom putsch seems to be gathering steam as the Labourites move to try and salvage their future by angling to remove a pillar of their past.

Much like the days of Paul Martin and his sonic the hedgehog toe tap to Jean Chretien, much had been hoped for upon the eventual transfer of power. That after his patience during the long farewell of Tony Blair, as Brown, like Paul Martin across the pond before him, waited for “his turn.”

Since Blair exercised that impeccable sense of timing to leave just before the flames reached the kitchen, all that was left for Brown was to suffer the ravages of a deteriorating economy and a tired seemingly unmotivated government and rather ungrateful party.

Daily revelations undermine his grip on power, events that give new meaning to the term lack of confidence. Such is his current trouble, that the once moribund Conservatives are suddenly appearing to be the heir apparent, the only thing keeping them from power the need to go to the polls.

A changeover that once seemed unlikely, now seems almost inevitable. Leaving Mr. Brown to join the ranks of those that have most disappointed, charter President (or Prime Minister if you will) Paul Martin.

From moats to floundering cabinet ministers, there have been no shortage of internal issues to undermine the once shining light of Labourite belief, add on the greatest financial collapse since the Great Depression and, well, it’s been fun, but it seems it won’t be long until they’re saying, here’s your coat Gordo… sorry you can’t stay.

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