Monday, June 08, 2009

Council called into the Chambers for unscheduled appearance

Originally the Prince Rupert city council had most of the month away from chambers, the only scheduled council meeting for the month of June being that of the 22nd.

But there they were busy attending to civic duties on a Monday night, called to council for a special session.

The agenda while not packed with urgent items, did offer up a glimpse of what was up for the night, Katabatic Power with a presentation, the recommendation that the city endorse the wellness plan from the Director of Recreation and Community Services and the quest for approval of a change to the liquor licence of Chances Prince Rupert to amend their hours of operation to 1 am from midnight. After all that there was some financial material to look over from the City's finance department with a look over of the 2008 Financial statement.

A few bylaw requests, a chance for questions from the audience and that it seems would be it for the night.

Earlier in the day the city had another one of their closed sessions scheduled, the one where the public isn't invited and where councillors apparently get to work on those matters that may be of urgent and pressing need, but ones which the populace best not be totally in the loop about it seems.

They seem to be a growing trend for civic governance in the city, and one which has begun to be noticed more and more by the public with an eye as to what is going on behind those closed doors on Third Avenue West.

Of interest on tonight's closed door meeting was item three of the agenda, which offers up the tantalizing prospect of legal matters, always a favourite of the coffee shop post mortem on Tuesday mornings...

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