Wednesday, June 17, 2009

RCMP release information on Third Avenue slaying

A forty one year old woman remains in police custody tonight and will appear at the Prince Rupert Court House at 9 am on Thursday morning to face charges of manslaughter in regard to an incident taking place in downtown Prince Rupert on Tuesday evening.

Late Wednesday, Prince Rupert RCMP identified the deceased as a stabbing victim, 42 year old Melvin Christison, who has become the city's first murder victim in over five years.

As the investigation continued on from last evening, RCMP Identification members and GIS officers from Rupert spent the last twenty four hours examining the crime scene and collecting evidence.

The RCMP have concluded that the 41 year old suspect was known to the victim and this was not a random act, which no doubt played a part in the eventual decision to formally charge her with manslaughter.

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