Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The continuing misadventures of the Daily News

Monday's paper never quite made it to print and Tuesday's paper time warps into Wednesday!

To say they're having their problems at the Daily News might be an understatement.

Tuesday's paper (er, or is that Wednesday, July 1st as that's what is on the masthead tonight) at least made it to print, though it seems a tad bereft of some of the weekends breaking news.

Nowhere in today's edition (Tuesday) was there word of the firing of Dan Veniez at Ridley Terminals, nor of his replacement named yesterday by the Transport Minister.

(As a public service, details of both can be found here and here)

Tuesday's edition would feature no information on the departure of the Secretary/Treasurer of the School District (see here), a situation that just adds to the chaos currently reigning in those offices. In fact the DAILY NEWS was scooped by the WEEKLY paper on that one, The Northern View was quick to post it's report on those breaking developments to its website yesterday.

Perhaps there were more items of note over the weekend, but they're somewhere out there lost in the print run that never was.

Even more curious is the fact that there was no form of explanation as to what might have happened to that Monday edition.

A simple item providing a reason for the disappearing Monday edition might go a long way to gaining some good favour from the subscriber base and/or advertisers. It's just sensible PR to admit to a problem, offer up an explanation and move on from there.

Perhaps the thinking is; if they don't mention it, then no one will notice?

And indeed, there they were back in business today (even if it says Wednesday), so all seems well for now.

There are details of the Canada Day party planned for Mariners Park on Wednesday July 1, (that would be tomorrow for everyone else other than the Daily News it seems). Perhaps it's fitting that they add that to the front page, after all if anyone could use a few days off it perhaps might be the folks at the paper.

At some point however credibility must start to wane with the readers and advertisers. Especially in light of the ongoing dedication to the more "community friendly" and "positive" stories, that seem to make up the bulk of the print run, when it runs. A change of direction that we are frequently advised was something that the readers were asking for.

But beyond credibility, perhaps more of concern might be relevance.

If in the end no one notices, or cares if the paper makes it to print, or if it has the proper day of the week on the front, then it's but a fast trip from your door step to the bird cage or the recycle bin.
Update and corrections (sort of): After a day of research with our Podunkian retail sources, we have determined that yes indeed, there was a Tuesday edition of the Daily News, and one dated Tuesday, June 30, 2009 at that, but only one for home subscribers it seems.
Our independent verification this afternoon (ie: numerous trips to various retail outlets to determine if the phantom Tuesday edition made it to news stands or not) concluded that indeed, a most interesting form of distribution took place for the Tuesday edition.
One where home delivery subscribers were provided with both the Tuesday and a futuristic looking Wednesday edition. Leaving those that only acquire their Daily News at news stands to lose a day of news gathering, hopefully content with their advance look at the news of July the 1st, but left forever to wander in wonderment as to what may have transpired from the Tuesday edition.
So without hesitation the Podunkian corrects our conclusions, as portrayed in the posting above, of the status of the paper`s editions from yesterday, for indeed there was a Tuesday edition for some.
And now we begin our search of a helpful neighbour with home delivery, who may be willing to share his or her rare copy, of the limited edition of the Tuesday Daily News.

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