Tuesday, June 16, 2009

From Farmer Jack to Captain Jack?

Yesterday we outlined how the Albion ferries, soon to be redundant with the opening of the Golden Ears bridge were getting a few tire kickers, one of them an interested potential buyer in Prince Rupert.

It would seem that the Internet must be working fine at City Hall, the Globe and Mail today identified the City of Prince Rupert as one of the potential buyers and perhaps they learned of the potential purchase from a Craigslist advertisement which was posted to the social website last month.
Outlining the merits of the 155' Car/Passenger Ferries (Vancouver), suggesting that the hull and cabin are in very good condition and the vessel has operated in fresh water since 1985.
And while we would hope that the City received an official heads up on the possible purchase prior to showing their interest, the competition will no doubt be fierce as the Ferries made their debut on Craigslist back in May.

The asking price of the ferries is listed at 1.1 million each, pending any other competitive bids from the Craigslist findings.

The ad appears to have since disappeared from the Craigslist page since it first went public, perhaps as the backlash against any sale of the ferries grows in the lower mainland.

Gary Harlow, a broker at Harlow Marine International Incorporated says that the ad was placed in order to create a bit of discussion and interest in the sale of the ferries. Dave Miller, president of the Fraser River Marine, a TransLink subsidiary that operates the ferries speculates that any potential buyer may wish to use the vessels as freight boats or even a fishing lodge.

It`s anticipated that if the City of Prince Rupert were to buy the vessels that it might be as a replacement for the Airport Ferry, though we`ll await the discussion around the council table for verification of that plan, providing us with the merits of the possible purchase as well as to how they plan on financing the deal.

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