Thursday, June 04, 2009

Third Avenue market set to open for another season

Travellers down Third Avenue will have to begin making their weekly detour on Thursday afternoon and evening, as the downtown market is set to open up for another cruise ship season.

The market which takes up a block of Third Avenue West from Fulton Street to the Fifth stree to the west, provides local and out of town vendors the opportunity to sell their crafts and products to local residents and visiting cruise ship tourists who arrive on the Thursday port of call.

Last year there was some discussion that the market was too far away from the cruise ship terminal and would be better placed in the Mariners park area, while some prefer it to be closer to the downtown core to better lure tourists further along in their travels.

The market is operated by the Salmonberry Trading Company and will remain open for the majority of the summer months, providing a weekly sample of the life of the bazaars.

Northern View-- Third Ave. Market opening June 4

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