Friday, June 19, 2009

Dziekanski inquiry thrown into chaos with surprise admission

Commissioner Braidwood, Dick Wolf on line two for a consult...

All that was missing this morning was that Law and Order doink, doink sound effect reverberating around a Vancouver Court room.

The inquiry into the tasering death of Robert Dziekanski was suspended until September this morning, that after a weeping Helen Roberts, a lawyer representing the Federal Government, revealed the existence of a potentially explosive e-mail exchange between RCMP brass, the revelation of the information came just as the inquiry was heading towards the final submission phase of the proceedings.

The previously undisclosed communication suggests that the four RCMP officers who went into the fatal confrontation with Mr. Dziekanski were discussing the use of a taser before they even saw him, a twist of events that would run counter to the tetstimony provided to the inquiry earlier this year.

Inquiry Commissioner Thomas Braidwood expressed his shock at the turn of events, and suspended his inquiry in order to try and determine what the development may mean to the progress of events, he suggested that with its disclosure the need for further testimony is now needed.

The latest bombshell of course would clearly change the dynamic of that testimony and to that point the lawyers representing the four Mounties were quick to make their points that their clients deny that suggestion of prior consultaiton in the incident.

Needless to say, today's surprise declaration and the drama surrounding it will frame the inquiry (and the RCMP and Government officials and their minions) in a whole new light, raising more questions about the handling of the situation from the very first moment.
September will prove to be a most dramatic month for the inquiry, unless of course circumstances evolve over the summer to change what appears to be a rather bizarre twist of events.
Hopefully, out of all of this some closure can come for Mr. Dziekanski's mother. Clearly it's time for the truth to come out on this whole situation, something that doesn't seem to have been coursing through the court room over the last few months.
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