Saturday, June 06, 2009

Evacuation alert orders issued for low lying areas around Terrace

The hot weather inland continues to increase the anxiety of local residents along Northwest river watersheds this weekend. On Saturday preparations began in earnest to make neighbourhoods and property lines secure from the rising waters of the Skeena and other rivers of the region.

While those preparations continued, Environment Canada issued a number of high flow and flood watch advisories for rivers of the Northwest, and the first evacuation alert order notices were issued for such locations as New Remo, Brauns Island and low lying areas of Queensway and Dutch Valley.

A number of residents of Usk and Old Remo have already made voluntary evacuations from their homes, relocating to a reception centre located in Terrace.

The Evacuation Alert Notice means that residents of those areas are on short notice for evacuation and should be prepared to move upon direction of officials from the Emergency Preparedness Organization.

So far there has not been any reports of major flooding in those areas of concern, nor has there been a need to close highways in the region at the moment. If that should come to pass, the Drive BC website will have full details on the status of Northwest highways.

The latest anticipated peak time for local rivers of the Northwest is now thought to be Monday, with the water level to arrive at just under 1 metre below the 2007 levels that left a trail of destruction along the rivers path.

We have full information on the latest details on the Skeena river situation posted to our Flood archive Watching the River Rise which you can find a link to here or on our right side columns listed under Items of Special Interest.

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