Monday, June 22, 2009

Rupert's long, long, long, long range forecast, warmer and more rain...

If you've the need to make some plans in 2050 there's good news, we'll be a much warmer Prince Rupert and while it will still rain, the rain will be more spread out but rather intense when it arrives.

In what could be the longest, long range forecast in history, Scientists have tracked the trends and developments of our environment and suggest that by 2050, Prince Rupert will have the temperature of Vancouver today, but when it rains, it apparently will really, really rain.

Tracking details for the next ten, forty and seventy years outline what is ahead for British Columbia.

In the 2020s: the temperature will increase by+1C; with three-to-five-per-cent more precipitation.

The 2050s: will see the heat continue by +2 to 2.5C; and a five-to eight-per-cent precipitation increase.

While those still ready to sunbathe by the2080's: will warm up by +3.8 to 4C more; but have to deal with an increase in precipitation of eight-to-13-per-cent.

Wise shoppers will load up on sunscreen and umbrellas for the summer of 2080.

The numbers were crunched by the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions at the University of Victoria, you can grab a copy of their report off the Internet here, would make some wonderful reading material for the lake don't you think.

The Province-- Droughts and deluges in decades ahead

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