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Podunk Below the Masthead Friday, June 19, 2009

Seafest, Reconciliation and Recognition and a review of manslaughter provided the content for part of Friday's Daily News.

PRINCE RUPERT HAS A WHALE OF A TIME DOWN AT SEAFEST-- With the summer festival now almost a week old memory, Friday's paper was a bit of a Seafest review. The Sports section had more details on the weekends Seafest oriented sports events, Farley Stewart's column celebrated the weekend that was . the Daily also paid tribute to the volunteers, with a front page, headline story that recognized those that attended a wrap up celebration on Wednesday. (see story below)

Elsewhere in the paper, the ongoing discussion on the Recognition and Reconciliation initiative of the provincial government was examined. A meeting of First Nation's delegates will take place next week in Terrace.

The proposal is becoming rather controversial within those communities as leaders try to determine whether the initiative would be of benefit or detriment to their community. Wednesday's meeting offers up the opportunity to learn more about the proposals and debate the impact that the initiative may have.

The Daily outlined the latest details on the death of Melvin Christison, Prince Rupert's first homicide victim in over five years, the story provided much the same information that has been detailed from other media outlets over the course of the week.

And as we've been following for the last few weeks now, the March for Justice campaign is getting closer to Prince Rupert, Friday's paper provided a review of their efforts so far as they prepare for their Monday arrival in Prince Rupert.

The Sports section highlighted a number of items from last weekends Seafest events, providing results from everything from marching bands, to floats to the show and shine.

Total pages in the Friday paper (16)

Front page, headline story:

By Monica Lamb-Yorski
The Daily News
Friday, June 19, 2009
Pages one and five

A busy, Seafest was enjoyed by all who attended, and also by the volunteers

Wednesday night's volunteer appreciation for Seafest attracted a large crowd and amidst all the people, Joy Sundin of Prince Rupert Special Events was basking in the glow of
another successful event.

"It was great. I love Seafest and enjoy every single one," Sundin said.

"The diversity of the vendors was phenomenal. Some were here from Vancouver and Prince George. The big wide world knows how wonderful it is."

A boost to her l80-plus volunteer pool was the arrival of Josh and Khara Tait from Kelowna who brought volunteers from New Mexico, Cochrane, Alberta, Georgia and Tennessee.

The Taits were in Prince Rupert last year for 10 weeks volunteering in the community and before they left were committed to return. "We like it here. We wanted to come and serve the community again," said Josh.

Khara agreed.

"We really enjoyed working with the Special Events crew," she said. Having the out-of-town volunteers made it nice for the perpetuals to take a break, Sundin said.

This year's theme - Whale of a Good Time - inspired people and set a fun atmosphere.

"The windows around town were just great and the energy and commitment that came through the floats was so visible," Sundin said.

Volunteer Bea Dundas helps Sundin in the office regularly and said she the noticed turnout this year was up from other years.

"So many people came from out of town that I couldn't count."

Her daughter Becka Sandy helped out for the first time, manning the barricades down by General Paint. "I had fun," she said. Would I do it again? Maybe."

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