Friday, June 26, 2009

Allied Tsimshian turn their attention to the Port of Prince Rupert

“We are waiting too long for that agreement, and we are giving them notice that we want a settlement there as well. We have been at negotiations with the port for too long and our leaders are getting frustrated. Before there is an uprising, which there will be if there isn’t an agreement, we are giving them notice,” -- James Bryant of the Allied Tsimshian, expressing frustration at the pace of discussions with the Port of Prince Rupert.

If Thursday's Port of Prince Rupert Annual General Meeting was to be compared to a baseball game, then James Bryant, representative of the Allied Tsimshian Tribes probably delivered a pretty high and fast brush back pitch.

Bryant and other representatives of the Allied Tsimshian Tribes marched directly from the Chances convention centre and their successful signing ceremony with Ridley Terminals, over to the Crest Hotel where the Port was hosting its Annual General Meeting.

Upon arrival at that meeting, the Tsimshian provided the Port with a protocol document, outlining their frustration at the pace of negotiations and expressing how they are giving the Port notice that they want a settlement.

Highlighting the morning session with Dan Veniez at Ridley as an apparent template for success, they pointed out that they went from a Memorandum of Understanding with Mr. Veniez in October to the signing ceremony of today, a pace that they would like to see the Port Corporation adapt to in the quest for closure on the outstanding issues of their discussions (or lack of discussion as they suggest).

During their presentation the group outlined how there needed to be progress on the issue soon, before members lost their patience with the pace and tone of the process.

The Port in reply to today's presentation, was quick to urge that things are coming together, suggesting that they could see a signing ceremony of their own by the end of 2009.

The Northern View provided a pitch by pitch account of today's meeting of the two sides with an article posted to their website.

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