Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good compensation in Administration!

The Province of British Columbia has released its public service compensation tables for 2009 and one thing seems pretty clear, if you want a six figure income administration in public service is where you want to steer your career boat.

Of Interest to Northwestern BC will be the remuneration highlights for some high profile positions in education and health care for our part of the province.

With School District 52 in the news so much these days, it’s of interest to note and a timely note at that, which shows that the Superintendent’s position provides for a comfortable living, though judging by the recent developments there’s more than a bit of pressure to go with those six figures.

According to the report the Superintendent at SD52 would make an income of 140,977, when you total in the pension, health and other benefits available with the job.

The University of Northern BC is also a fairly financially rewarding place to hang your hat, The President of the University makes $294,000, the VP, $189,000 and the Vice Provost of Medicine close to $317,000. But by far the compensation award for 2008-09 went to Don Cozetto, the Former President and Vice Chancellor who received a compensation package worth $647,000 last year.

Over in Health Care, the money is also pretty good. Though not quite in Cozetto range, the President and Chief Executive Officer at Northern Health receives almost $303,000, The VP of Medicine is a close second at $301,000 while the Executive Director of the Northern Cancer Strategy collected a $235,000 paycheque.

All in all, a fairly rewarding 365 days at the office for some of the higher executives of Northern British Columbia.

You can examine all the reported figures from across the Province at the Government of BC website, it’s listed under the Ministry of Advanced Education and labour market Development’s webpage.

No wonder the province likes to describe BC as the "Best place on earth", while those of us seeking out services in those areas may disagree, if you're in administration you're certainly not going to argue the point!

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