Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Googles of June 2009

We continue on with our relay of the links for those newsworthy items that magically appear on our email account...

June 29-- Secretary-Treasurer resigns from Prince Rupert School District
June 29-- Bud Smith hired for Ridley Terminals
June 29-- Zoyonc joins Tour de North
June 29-- Transport Canada: Appointment to Ridley Terminals Inc.
June 29-- Royalty coming to these parts
June 29-- Another upset for Prince Rupert school district
June 29-- Federal government fires board chairman of Crown-owned Prince Rupert terminal
June 29-- Ridley Terminals chief fails to kowtow, is fired
June 28-- Letter to Robert Merrifield
June 26-- First Nations ink deal with Ridley Terminals
June 26-- Coast Tsimshian Hail Agreement with Ridley, Demand One With Port Authority
June 26-- Speeches by local students win awards
June 25-- Natives offered first-refusal rights on Prince Rupert coal terminal capital contracts
June 25-- Groundbreaking Agreement to Be Signed between Ridley Terminals, Coast Tsimshian June 24-- Port of Seattle looks toward Moses Lake
June 23-- Ridley Terminals and Coast Tsimshian First Nation to sign groundbreaking Opportunities Agreement.
June 23-- Walk4Justice ends its journey in Prince Rupert
June 22-- Droughts and deluges in decades ahead
June 21-- A bargain in Borneo
June 20-- Most parents do their utmost for their kids
June 19-- The halibut that caught me
June 18-- New cabinet must look north
June 18-- Manslaughter Charge Laid
June 18-- Ferry to return to service
June 18-- Woman accused in stabbing death appears in court
June 17-- Homicide In City of Rainbows
June 17-- Woman charged in Prince Rupert homicide named, makes first court appearance
June 17-- Prince Rupert RCMP investigate first homicide in five years
June 17-- Kitimat rental vacancy still highest in province
June 16-- Fishing gear from boat and money from church stolen
June 16-- Katabatic says Mount Hays project in jeopardy
June 16-- Saying thank you as we start a new chapter...
June 16-- Introducing the media to Prince Rupert’s great celebration
June 16-- Didn't you get my text
June 14-- Albion Ferry into its last weeks
June 13-- Walkers close in on Terrace
June 13-- Federal Government to Promote Asia Pacific Gateway
June 12-- Long Beach Denies Dispute With Canada
June 11-- Consultation starting on British Columbia terminal expansion
June 11-- Walk for Justice Arrives
June 11-- BC Ferries yearly earnings down due to recession, cost of new ships
June 11-- Long Beach Eyes Canada’s Subsidies
June 10-- Grieving dad recalls life of murdered son
June 9-- Local program graduates its first-ever nursing class
June 9-- Bus Incident
June 9-- Harbours to benefit from funding
June 9-- Walk to remember
June 9-- Canadian ports refute U.S. subsidy allegations
June 8-- U.S. ports take aim at B.C. rivals over subsidies
June 8-- U.S. Port official says Canadian subsidies violate WTO rules
June 6-- B.C. crab fisherman concerned about impact of proposed wind power project
June 5-- New Small Craft Harbours Projects in British Columbia
June 5-- Tories back coal giants at Ridley
June 4-- Easy to go wild in Prince Rupert
June 4-- Face to face with Great Grizzlies
June 3-- Webcam Captures Heron Hatching
June 3-- Company hopes wind's at its back
June 3-- Canadian politicians oppose terminal privatization
June 2-- Women Walk4Justice to end violence
June 2-- Walk4Justice, seeking public inquiry on missing women, calls for support
June 2-- University of Regina to hand out honorary degrees
June 2-- Ridley Terminals - Key to Northern BC's Economic Future
June 2-- Justice group stops at Pickton property in PoCo to honour the dead
June 2-- City receives $42,941 for sewage plan
June 1-- Drugs trafficking charges considered against two Charlotte men
June 1-- The Prince Rupert RCMP has a new member

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