Monday, June 15, 2009

Who in Prince Rupert wants to purchase the Albion ferry?

They’re heralding the arrival of a brand new bridge in Vancouver on Tuesday, as the Golden Ears Bridge opens to traffic, a long awaited link between the southern shore of the Fraser River and the metropolitan Vancouver area.

The opening of the toll bridge will bring with it the end of the Albion Ferry, the longtime iconic vessel of the Greater Vancouver area which crosses the Fraser River from Fort Langley to Maple Ridge is scheduled to be taken out of service at the end of July.

And as Vancouver begins the process of shutting down some of it’s long time history, it’s a bit of a mystery at the moment as to what will happen next to the vessel.

One interesting note from Sunday, has an un-named Prince Rupert operator expressing interest in purchasing the ferry, one of two interested parties in it so far, the other being the State of Washington.

No indication has been provided as to whether it is a local government agency, First Nations government or private investor that has its eye on the vessel, but with a one million dollar price tag it will no doubt make for an interesting conversation topic around the city for the next little while.

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