Monday, August 27, 2007

Super series set for puck drop

They're trying with all their might to recreate the same kind of "Us against Them" theme to the Super Series 2007.

But it's just not catching on in the same way.

Back in 72 it was a different era, the names weren't familiar, the styles quite alien.Now Russian players make up any number of positions on NHL or Junior A teams, we've marvelled at some of their skills and berated those that dogged it as their contracts came up for renewal.

Still any time Canada plays Russia the thoughts turn to hopefully exciting, end to end hockey, a combination of the Russian flash with the physical Canadian play. Lately however, the skill sets of the players from both nations is such, that the style of play is almost identical whichever uniform you may be watching.

For Canadian fans the start of the Super Series comes with an early morning wake up call Monday, Game one opens up the eight game series at 6 am pacific 9 am in Eastern Canada. The first of four matches from Russia.

The series is being split between the two main English sports networks in Canada, TSN will carry the first, fourth, fifth and sixth games; Sportsnet will have the second, third, seventh and eighth. French Canada will have all games broadcast over RDS.

The TV schedule for all eight games can be found here.

Below some of the preview material we've been reading about the series.

CBC Sports- Super Series
ROGERS SPORTSNET- Sportsnet Hockey Page

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