Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Moon is Made of Green Cheese But —WHAT ABOUT MARS? and other classic fables

Salon has posted a tribute to the final print run of the Weekly World News, the long time tabloid standard best known for its alien stories and bizarre headlines ceases publication on paper with Monday's edition.

Twenty eight years of some of the most unbelievable tales to ever grace a supermarket check out, squeezed out by the sudden fascination with all things of celebrity the black and white tabloid found that it couldn't keep up with the latest happenings with Paris, Lindsay and Nicole.

Apparently there is no room for UFO invasion scenarios, monsters living in the middle of the earth and the nutbar theories that almost had the ring of plausibility with them.

But while the printing press will be stopped, the digital version will live on.

The Weekly World News Website promises to keep alive that fine tradition of all the news that's fit to be made up.

It will remain home to the ever popular Ed Anger as well as the headlines of tomorrow feature and the always entertaining People are Strange section. In a world that seems to be getting stranger and stranger, the day may come when the Weekly World News seems as mainstream as any other on line publication.

It's a fine line between Drudge, The Onion, Fox News, CNN and Weekly World News, sometimes the truth seems stranger than the fictions...

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