Monday, August 27, 2007

Cooking for books and higher education

The Staff at Northwest Community College were flipping burgers last Friday all in aid of furthering their student’s education.

The college kicked off its scholarship fundraising campaign at the Prince Rupert campus with a BBQ to raise awareness and take care of any lingering hunger pangs on a Friday afternoon.

The Daily News had details on the event in Monday’s paper.

NWCC looking for ways to support students with the cost of education
By Christian Webber
The Daily News
Monday, August 27, 2007
Page one

Five dollars paid for a burger, drink and a slice of education on Friday as Northwest Community college kicked off its scholarship fundraising campaign.

Deborah Stava, the campus principal said any money raised at Friday’s barbeque will go directly into a student scholarship fund to help students meet the cost of continuing their education.

“Because it’s not cheap, the more we support people through education the better off we are in meeting the needs of the work force,” said Stava.

The money raised between noon and 4 p. m. at the barbeque will all go to new scholarships.

Program areas were set up inside the college to help highlight some of their new programs, such as Aboriginal health access, and the daytime and afternoon welding program, where some seats are left over in the afternoon classes.

Also at NWCC, they have welding, and electrical programs in partnership with the high schools.

“We are starting a carpentry program in February with Charles Hays. It is new an open to the public and students in Kindergarten to Grade 12,” said Stava.

Classes start on the fourth, so people with questions or those wanting to enroll should get down and see what the college has to offer.

There will be another student orientation barbeque on Sept. 7.

“We’d like to see more people down for sure; it goes to a good cause, directly back to the students,” she said.

“We’ve had good community support though.”

Stava said, as much money as they can raise will go to creating new opportunities.

Last year, the college created a couple new scholarships.

One was created in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce. The Rising Star program last year consisted of the chamber creating $500 scholarship that was matched by the college.

“We put that challenge out to businesses and organizations in the community to match that or create new scholarships funds as well,” said Stava.

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