Friday, August 24, 2007

It the CBC had it all to do over again

Much has been made of the decision by a middle manager to drop the delayed fourth quarter of last Saturdays Eskimos/Riders game in favour of a Nick Nolte movie, the Good Thief.

But perhaps the blow back on the Mother Corp wouldn't have been so bad if only the CBC had done a little viewer research.

Canoe through their Slam sports CFL website, is running a poll on what Nick Nolte movie might be the favourite for the football denied CFL fan.

And while the returns are still early, with 308 votes tabulated as we write this, the movie most fans would prefer to see at a Nick Nolte film festival is 48 hours.

In fact, the movie "The Good Thief" provided by the CBC during blackout Saturday turns out to be the least liked option of the Nolte oeuvre.

48 Hours was the run away leader with 47% of the vote

The runners up in order included:

North Dallas Forty (which at least had a football in it) took 18% of the vote. Cape Fear 16%, Other 7%, Blue Chips 6%, Teachers 2%, Affliction 2% and the Good Thief brings up the rear with a paltry 1%.

So the message for Scott Moore is pretty clear, with Saturday night fast approaching it's best to sign the release deal for 48 hours and have it on standby and ready to go.

However if the same scenario is repeated that would probably be about the amount of time that it takes for the CFL to pull the rest of its CBC schedule for this final year on the network.

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