Sunday, August 19, 2007

Podunkian Music Club

Bif Naked-Lucky

Canada’s princess of punk is getting hitched, for a second time. Bif Naked who has been rather productive with her classic punk/new wave sounds over the years has been a Vancouver fixture for quite a while now.

Her concerts provide a legendary affair of entertainment and passion, her recordings while never particularly mainstream, have found a rather large and attentive following.

In the Video world her productions have been a mainstay on MuchMusic over the years, whether it be through their specialty productions or the occasional regular rotation.

While not having reached a break out status such as many of the current pop princesses, her sound has been a vital part of the Canadian music scene.

Her pending nuptials will be a rather stark departure from her public persona, best known for her dark Gothic look and numerous tattooes and piercings, her wedding ceremony is said to be planned as a very traditional affair, in keeping with the wishes of both sets of parents.

So in honour of Bif's oncoming big day , we dig a bit into the Bif catalogue and feature a wonderful ballad by Ms. Naked.

Artist- Bif Naked
Recording- I Bificus

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