Monday, August 20, 2007

Fairview Cranes to arrive today

The long awaited arrival of the Super Post-Panamax cranes to be used at the Fairview Container Terminal is reportedly but hours away.

That according to a Prince George based website, Opinion 250 which posted the details at 1 pm on Monday.

The Port of Prince Rupert has posted an advisory on its website which states that the cranes will arrive this evening (Monday evening) and will be unloaded over a period of nine days. CityWest cablevision will apparently have cameras at the Fairview site to video tape the arrival of the cranes and show it on Cable ten.

The Port also advises boaters to stay at least 200 metres away from the Zhen Hua when it is under steam and keep at least 100 metres away from the vessel when it is berthed at Fairview.

In order to ease congestion around the Port, the Terminal area along Scott Road to the Viewing Area will be closed to the public with commissionaires posted there to keep the public away.

The Port has improved the on line view for those looking to track the progress of the project, setting up a webcam to let interested people view the progress of the cranes as they arrive and begin the set up phase

Pr. Rupert Port Cranes To Arrive in Hours
250 News
Monday, August 20, 2007 01:08 PM

The Prince Rupert Port’s three super post-panamax cranes, are scheduled to arrive later today.
In an effort to prepare for the arrival of the cranes, the Fairview Terminal from Scott Road to the Viewing Area will be inaccessible to the public to see the arrival and offloading of the cranes because of ongoing construction.

“The Port recognizes that there is tremendous local and regional interest in seeing the cranes when they arrive,” says Manager Corporate Communications Barry Bartlett, “but the asphalt plant and trucks are operating in and around the Viewing Area 14 hours a day, and we don’t want to create safety risks for either the paving crews or the public.”

However, the Port of Prince Rupert is undertaking several initiatives to ensure everyone interested has a ‘front row’ view to watch the cranes’ progress.

“We have installed a new and improved webcam at the terminal, where we can track the vessel’s approach to the berth and then zoom in for viewers to watch in real time the offloading of the cranes,” explains Bartlett.

Boaters are also being advised they should stay at least 200 metres away from the ship carrying the cranes (the Zhen Hua 16) when it’s under steam and 100 metres from the vessel at berth.

Facts on the Super Post-Panamax Dock Gantry Cranes

Constructed by Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co, Ltd (ZPMC), one of the world’s largest manufacturer of quayside container cranes

Three cranes are arriving for use at the new Fairview terminal.

Each crane weighs 1,800 tonnes

Height, from ground to tip is 80 metres or 25 storeys ( tallest building in Prince Rupert is the 17 storey Howard Johnson Highliner Plaza)

Each crane has a lift capacity of 65 metric tonnes

Each crane can reach across the width of 22 container

Although viewers may see four cranes on the ship when it arrives later today, one of the cranes is actually bound for Vancouver.

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