Wednesday, August 22, 2007

On the other hand, the family cat won't bring home any unwanted guests

Round two of the battle of which makes the better pet might go to the cats...

A Gig Harbor, Washington woman is in hospital after being mauled by two pit bulls which invaded her house through the pet door.

In a bizarre story, it seems that the two pit bulls attacked a neighbours Jack Russell terrier which somehow got into the house as well (through the pet door we assume) then turned their attention to woman in her bed and mauled her.

They broke off their attack when she managed to grab a nearby gun and fired off a few shots to scare them out of the room.

Fire department officials arrived first and locked the two home invaders into a room, when police arrived it took a number of attempts with pepper spray to subdue the dogs.

The woman is listed in serious condition in a Tacoma hospital, the two pit bulls are presently incarcerated in the local Humane society pound and most likely face euthanasia for their deeds.

Maybe gold fish might be the way to go!

Pit bulls use pet door for home invasion
Associated Press
August 22, 2007 at 2:21 AM EDT

GIG HARBOR, WASH. — A sheriff's spokesman in Washington state says two pit bull terriers broke into a house through a pet door and attacked a woman in her bed, mauling her badly.
Sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer says the woman was able to grab a gun and try to shoot the dogs, then break away from the attack and lock herself in her car, where she called police.

The woman, who was not immediately identified, was taken to a hospital in Tacoma, where she is listed in serious condition.

Mr. Troyer says the pit bulls also killed a neighbour's Jack Russell terrier, which entered the house during the attack.

Firefighters responded first, locking the dogs in the house, treating the woman and calling for an ambulance.

Mr. Troyer says officers had to pepper spray and fight the dogs until they were detained.
“We almost had to shoot them on site,” Mr. Troyer said.

The dogs were taken to a Humane Society and will probably be destroyed, he said.

It was not immediately known why the dogs entered the house, whether the woman had dogs of her own or what set off the attack.

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