Sunday, August 26, 2007

It’s a short chapter for chain store book stores in Podunk

Coles came, did not conquer and closed.

That in short seems to be the Coles Notes version of book selling in the Prince Rupert market.

Having weathered the economic storm for most of the year, the Coles book store has closed its doors in the Rupert Square Mall, a papered over window and a sign thanking shoppers for their past patronage and advising that as of August 18th this branch is closed.

Strange timing it seems, what with the Christmas gift giving season but four months away, but perhaps it has something to do with the lease at Rupert Square.

Then again, perhaps we are not a community of readers, or weren’t tempted by their offerings or more of us are shopping on line than the local community might like to admit.

Regardless, one of the few recognized chain names in the country has moved on, leaving Rupertites to once again wander over to Eddies News or Rainforest books for their literature fixes…

Maybe they will return when the much promised nirvana of shopping, the Highway 16 Shopping Village finally gets started and then completed.

Or maybe, we’ll just have to be content to make the drive to Terrace or do what a growing number of residents seem to be doing and making our purchases on line.

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