Monday, September 21, 2009

While other ports falter, Fairview keeps the Freight moving along and increasing it's numbers…

The Port of Prince Rupert’s container port at Fairview has just recorded a fairly successful jump in throughput over the course of the last year. And that success has caught the eye of an influential transportation publication, the Cunningham Report.

In an article posted today to its website, the publication relays the positive numbers coming out of Fairview, comparing the July 2008 to July 2009 movements which show that movements through the Port of Prince Rupert are up by 26.7 per cent, while the August numbers have moved upwards even more, with a jump of 39.2 percent.

It has provided for the first year to year comparison since the economic retraction of last year, a seismic event in the world of transportation that has seen double digit decline in many of the gateways of North America.

The fact that the Rupert port has remained in positive territory during the course of the economic malaise, certainly indicates that what they have to offer is finding willing participants.

And that footprint that the port now has, should bode well for the recovery phase of the economy once the economic uncertainty of our current time frame has passed.

The full story from the Cunningham report is available online (click here)

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