Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's the economy (September 29, 2009)

Deflation on the horizon, looking to expand on the Pacific rim and are some banks too small to bail out, some of the items of note for Tuesday.

Globe and Mail-- Deal would exempt Canada from Buy American provisions
Globe and Mail-- Deflation taking root in global economies
Globe and Mail-- Canada ordered to pay hefty lumber tax to U.S.
National Post-- Canadians more optimistic about economy
National Post-- Canada looks to expand trade in the Pacific Rim
National Post-- G20: Bureacratic megaproject
National Post-- Iran as vital as banks
New York Times-- Too small to bail
New York Times-- Taxing Banks to Pay for, and Prevent, Future Bailouts
Telegraph online UK-- Bank of England has no plans to lower rate on reserves
Telegraph online UK-- Mervyn King can avoid being misunderstood on sterling by avoiding the topic
Telegraph online UK-- Isa handout may be a sop, but investors should seize it with both hands
Telegraph online UK-- Gordon Brown: 'City is ideologically bankrupt'
Guardian UK-- UK economy shrank by less than expected
Guardian UK-- Giant South African diamond worthy of crown jewels
Guardian UK--London Underground slams Tube Lines' plan for tube overhaul
Sydney Morning Herald-- US panic at China's new ship killer
Sydney Morning Herald-- Asian shares buoyed by US mergers
People's Daily on line-- China honors role models of ethnic harmony, stresses common prosperity
People's Daily on line-- Deputy Minister: "we don't support high house prices"
The Times of India-- 'Indian economy to expand by 7% in 2009-10'
The Times of India-- Govt positive towards Bharti-MTN deal: Pranab

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