Sunday, September 13, 2009

Echoes of the school debate in Rupert can be heard on Vancouver Island

While School District 52 prepares to discuss, consult and eventually decide on the future of Prince Rupert's high school situation and perhaps the addition of a middle school, perhaps some cautionary reading from Vancouver Island might be of assistance.

In the Comox Valley, the frustration levels are growing as well as their School District apparently changes their minds when it comes to grade configuration, school closures and working out the financials of the district.
The main thrust of the debate there and one which might find some resonance up to the North coast, is the thought that perhaps getting the financial picture under control might best be the first step before school closures and grade configurations are back up for consideration.

From the Vancouver Sun's Report Card blog, this review of the Comox Valley situation provides a look a situation that sounds rather like rather a familiar refrain, parents, teachers and administrator's who are starting to show the strains of a system that doesn't seem to be meeting their expectations.

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