Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hell hath no fury like a (former-would be) son in law scorned

Sarah Palin, the former Governor of Alaska, one time candidate for Vice President of the United States of America and high priestess of hockey mom's is surely doing a slow burn into the cool Alaskan night.

Ms. Palin, who frequently still finds herself championed by the American right as the carrier of the torch of unfettered liberty, is going to need to do a little remediation work on the image, that after a Vanity Fair article featured in its October issue makes it's way to the news stands of Wasila and beyond next week.

The high profile American magazine has given voice to the former boyfriend of the Ex Gov's daughter Bristol and father to her grandson, and with the guidance of Vanity Fair writers, Levi Johnston seems to try and knock down many of the myths of legend from she who would have been number two.

Mr. Johnston, who would appear to harbor a few grudges from those over powering days with his would be Mom in Law, provides a portrait of a family of some dysfunction.

The British newspaper Times On Line provides a preview of the magazine which has just been released in those Big Liberal markets ot the US and will be available at better Wasila grocery stores by next week.

Among the details previewed are some shocking hits on the more cherished chestnuts of the right when it comes to the Wonder woman of Wasila.

It seems, if the reviews are correct, that the Republican candidate's much triumphed family togetherness shtick was a facade, featuring a family life in Wasila that isn't quite the corner stone of the family unit.

The Times recounts the less than familiar ways of the Palins on the campaign trail, of frequent discussion of divorce in the Palin household and of a rather disingenuous approach to the topic of Bristol's pregnancy, which of course became the main topic of concern for the Republican core during the campaign and seems to have become the stone in Mr. Johnston's shoe at the moment.
On the subject of parenting Levi suggests that there wasn't much around the Palin house, leaving it to the kids to fetch their own meals, do their own laundry and handle their own homework to name a few of the more familiar items of the family dynamic, all while Mom was taking lengthy baths and watching home renovation shows on TV (finally this explains the whole Joe the Plumber thing).
On her celebrated status as an outdoors enthusiast, given to protecting the image of the Alaskan hunter (whether on land or in the air) Mr. Johnston outlines how the Governor had no idea what kind of weapon she had, hidden it seems under the bed in a box.

And as for her near sainthood as the poster child for Hockey Moms everywhere, (remember those shout outs from the convention)? As Levi tells it, Mama Palin rarely bothered to make it down to the rink to watch her son play the game.

Finally, he provides his impression of her recent departure from Alaskan politics, suggesting that she had grown bored with the job and once observed how she had started talking about how nice it would be to quit and write a book or do a show and make triple the money.

The Governor of course eventually did exit state politics in Alaska, taking on the rigours of the speaking circuit thanks to an alliance with Washington Speakers’ Bureau, which so far has fielded some 950 potential invitations, which could pay Mrs. Palin at least 100,000 dollars per appearance.

If nothing else, Levi appears to have learned something from the Grand Dame of Wasila, he too has taken on public relations counsel and currently is seeking offers of employment from film and modelling work.

Johnston of course has been keeping his profile high, having had no shortage of things to say of his near miss with the would be in laws. Relaying many tidbits of his two and half years of observation of the Palins. He's become a fixture of late on the talk show circuit, in the print press and we suspect over refreshments with his buddies at the local gathering places of Wasila.

Vanity Fair provides an inside the story feature on the preparations for the interview with him, following him for his photo shoot and as he gets ready to share all things Palin.

If people thought that it was cold in Alaska before, just wait til they check the temperature the next time that Mrs, Palin and Levi should cross paths.
It all leaves us with one observation, isn't that whole fifteen minutes of fame thing up yet?

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