Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's the economy September 15, 2009

China wants to talk tires at the WTO, Bernanke says that the recession is most likely over, not so for the airline industry suffering worse times that post 9/11, some of the items of note in the financial world on September 15.

Globe and Mail-- Suncor to sell natural gas assets
Globe and Mail-- Picture grim for airline industry
Globe and Mail-- Why Dennis Gartman likes the loonie
National Post-- Bernanke says recession 'likely over'
National Post-- Stock crashes and autumns
National Post-- Airline industry says financial crisis is 'bigger than 9/11'
Vancouver Sun-- Whistler's room rates fall sharply, according to index
New York Times-- Fed Chief Says Recession Is ‘Very Likely Over’
New York Times-- In Frankfurt, Cars Again Seem to Be Talk of the Show
Times on line UK-- Gordon Brown: I will make cuts, but not yet
Times on line UK-- BA to terminate temporary crew and axe 125 jobs
Times on line UK-- Blockbuster to shut 960 US stores
Telegraph online UK-- Tories' George Osborne unveils new economic model for UK
Telegraph online UK-- At the risk of stating the obvious, markets can be very unpredictable
Guardian UK-- Recession over, say central bank chiefs on both sides of Atlantic
Guardian UK-- Toyota promises cleaner, cheaper 'plug-in' Prius hybrid
Sydney Morning Herald-- China lodges WTO complaint over US tyre tariffs
Sydney Morning Herald-- Magna says to cut 10,500 jobs at Opel
Sydney Morning Herald-- The key to staying afloat
People's Daily on line-- Making movies and more money
People's Daily on line-- China wants WTO talks on US tariffs

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