Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All the news that's fit to liberate...

It was perhaps the fastest moving edition of the Yukon News in history, and yet few if any of the residents of Dawson City actually saw the news.

In what has been described as a mystery, 420 copies of the Friday edition of the Yukon Post went missing from their delivery location of the town Post office. No one saw the eager reader, who must have moved quick to make sure that nobody had access to the news that day, save for the sixty residents who request the paper be placed in their mailboxes.

The disappearance left residents to wonder about what happened and if the two main topics of that edition had anything to do with the empty newsbox.

Interestingly enough there were two controversial topics covered in the missing edition for the day, the details on the bid for the Mayoralty of a former Mayor and MLA, Peter Jenkins, who will apparently head into the campaign with a bit of political baggage to carry, some of which was reviewed and outlined in Friday's paper.

The city's controversial sewage treatment plans were also covered in the missing edition, featuring details on the background of the project and the emotions that it has raised in the town.

Both articles were available on the papers website;

Pirate Pete seeks Dawson mayor’s seat
Dawson out on a limb over sewage

As the paper is given out free, the disappearance of all the copies is not being treated as a crime as no such provision under the Criminal Code covers the "theft of Free newspapers", though one suspects a cause could be made for public mischief if nothing else.

The Yukon News plans on reprinting both articles in their next edition, the paper which is printed three times a week will no doubt be keeping an eye on their delivery spot just to be sure that the news arrives to those for whom it was destined.

With the paper making use of its Internet portal to deliver the news, we imagine that this means that the next step for the News grabbers might be to knock out all Internet access to the community.

CBC News-- Newspapers vanish in Dawson City

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