Monday, September 28, 2009

It's the economy (September 28, 2009)

Your big screen, LED HDTV is already out of date, get ready for 3D TV, door to door gold deliveries, we are not alone in our Internet service complaints and the final decline of the US dollar?, some of the items of note for Monday.

Globe and Mail-- A report card on the world's central bank chiefs
Globe and Mail-- How the crash is changing popular culture
Globe and Mail-- Bombardier speeds ahead in China
Globe and Mail-- The next dimension in home viewing
National Post-- Canadians sitting on 'massive' cash mountain
National Post-- No guarantee rates will stay low, Carney warns
National Post-- Scotia first Canadian bank to deliver gold to your door
New York Times-- Safe, sound and no rebound
New York Times-- Testing the Dexterity of a Crisis Manager
Times online UK-- House price fall slows to lowest level in a year
Times online UK-- Broadband reliability brought into question
Telegraph online UK-- Governments can survive recessions, but not in this case
Telegraph online UK-- Germany's protectionist bombshell
Telegraph online UK-- Mervyn King's Swedish visit rattles pound over policy fears
Telegraph online UK-- Mandelson to extend vehicle scrappage scheme
Guardian UK-- US dollar set to be eclipsed, World Bank president predicts
Guardian UK-- Iceland one year on: small island in big trouble
People's Daily on line-- China boosts int'l use of RMB with sovereign bond sale in Hong Kong S.A.R.
People's Daily on line-- Non-tradable shares to flood markets in October
The Times of India-- Durables eye a cracking Diwali
The Times of India-- RIL diverting govt’s revenue’

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