Monday, September 14, 2009

It's the economy (September 14, 2009)

Protectionist winds blow on the trade front, you may have more money but you have more debt and the little car from India that may change the auto world, some of the items of note for Monday.

Globe and Mail-- Trade row ripples through markets
Globe and Mail-- We're richer, but deeper in debt
Globe and Mail-- Canadian industries cut capacity use
National Post-- Chevron approves US$37-billion Gorgon project
National Post-- Obama to revive the regulation rush
National Post-- Stiglitz says banking system is in worse shape
Vancouver Province-- The financial crisis: What a soap opera it was
New York Times-- U.S. Is Finding Its Role in Business Hard to Unwind
New York Times-- Same Old Hope: This Bubble Is Different
Times on line UK-- Europe warns recovery could be short lived
Times on line UK-- Sarkozy threatens G20 walk-out over bonuses
Telegraph online UK-- House price rise is 'false dawn' warn economists
Telegraph online UK-- China investigates US 'dumping' as trade row erupts
Guardian UK-- Executive pay keeps rising, Guardian survey finds
Guardian UK-- Flagship projects may be put on hold, Mandelson admits
Sydney Morning Herald-- Coal booming despite Japan's move on emissions
Sydney Morning Herald-- Investment experts burst 'green bubble' fears
Sydney Morning Herald-- Fallen for an Indian motor
People's Daily on line-- China launches anti-dumping probe into U.S. auto, chicken products
People's Daily on line-- China's growth drives regional development: Cambodian PM

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