Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's the economy (September 16, 2009)

The Prime Minister meets the President on protectionism, the Northwest Transmission line gets some more federal money and they're adding up the cost of Gordon Brown's stewardship of the UK economy. Some of the items of note financially for Wednesday.

Globe and Mail-- Chrysler worse off than Fiat expected
Globe and Mail-- ‘Rogue' bonuses worry bank group
Globe and Mail-- David Rosenberg on the aftermath of a bubble bust
National Post-- Ottawa backs Nortel wireless sale to Ericsson
National Post-- Obama, Harper seek to ease trade tensions
National Post-- Recession was tamer than last two, RBC says
Vancouver Sun-- Loonie hits 6-week high as greenback fades
Vancouver Sun-- B.C.’s North West Transmission line wins $130m in federal funding
New York Times-- Cuomo Subpoenas 5 Bank of America Directors
New York Times-- U.S. Ending Oil-Royalty Program After Scandal
Times on line UK-- Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams: bankers have failed to repent
Times on line UK-- Ireland taps taxpayers for €90bn in bank bailout
Times on line UK-- Irish vote on Lisbon ... and Lloyds
Telegraph online UK-- Buffett’s missed message from Barclays could have changed history
Telegraph online UK-- Gordon Brown's 'costs of failure' will reach £256 billion
Telegraph online UK-- Governments must take urgent action to prevent unemployment crisis, OECD warns
Guardian UK-- Japan Airlines faces multiple job losses and suspended routes
Guardian UK-- Music business presents united front on filesharing
The Scotsman-- Two more Scots firms collapse
The Scotsman-- Brown admits to cuts in public spending
Sydney Morning Herald-- Telstra pushes shares to new high
Sydney Morning Herald-- Telstra gets plenty of stick but no carrot
Sydney Morning Herald-- Gold jumps within sights of all-time high
People's Daily on line-- China says anti-dumping probe into U.S. auto, chicken products "based on facts"
People's Daily on line-- Brilliant feats obtained through arduous exploration

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