Friday, September 11, 2009

It's the economy (September 11, 2009)

Housing prices rebound across the nation, not many tools to tame the Loonie and soccer may save Britain's economic empire... some of the economic items of note for September 11.

Globe and Mail-- How the latest signs point to global recovery taking shape
Globe and Mail-- Prices for new homes in Canada rebound
Globe and Mail-- Concerns raised over Magna's Opel deal
National Post-- Tools to tame loonie 'limited,' Flaherty says
National Post-- Chinese economic data surprise to the upside
National Post-- Barrick eyes 'higher-risk' projects
Vancouver Sun-- HST more likely an added cost than saving, but burden will be small
New York Times-- Cautiously, Small Investors Edge Back Into Stocks
New York Times-- Geithner Says Bailout Programs Are Shrinking
Times on line UK-- Workers warned of job cuts after Vauxhall takeover
Times on line UK-- Second monthly rise in prices signals housing is on the long road to revival
Times on line UK-- Mandelson caught on the hop as GM sells Vauxhall to Canadian company
Telegraph UK-- Tony Blair quizzed over collapse of car maker MG Rover
Telegraph UK-- Does the Bank of Cyprus have the answer for the UK's final salary pensions crisis?
Guardian UK-- Financial crisis knocks value of Harvard and Yale endowments
Guardian UK-- England's World Cup qualification to benefit economy
Sydney Morning Herald-- Gorgon signs $70b deal
Sydney Morning Herald-- Gold falls at hurdle and awaits direction from US
People's Daily on line-- China assures world on stimulus efforts
People's Daily on line-- From bust to boom: Changchun resurgent

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