Tuesday, September 08, 2009

It's the economy (September 7, 2009)

China continues its investment into Canadian resources, Victoria's secret won't be so secret in Canada anymore and Gekko's back to review the state of the business world, some of the items of note of the Economy for September 7.

Globe and Mail-- Manufacturing: Make or break?
Globe and Mail-- Victoria's Secret sets its sights on seductive Canadian market
National Post-- Century 21 Canada does battle with Rogers
National Post-- GM unlikely to sell Opel to Magna: CDU official
National Post-- China makes strategic investment in Quebec iron ore
Vancouver Sun-- Chilean fish virus boosts B.C. salmon prices
Vancouver Sun-- Metro Vancouver employers subdued about their prospects in fourth quarter
New York Times-- Kraft to Pursue Cadbury, Even After Rejection
New York Times-- Greed Is Bad, Gekko. So Is a Meltdown
Seattle Post-Intelligencer-- ITunes indeed: the IPhone as instrument
Times Online UK-- Cadbury rejects £10.2bn takeover bid from Kraft
Times Online UK-- France’s investment banks at risk amid bonus caps
Times Online UK-- EBay’s grip on its market is going, going ... gone
Telegraph UK-- Cadbury shares soar after £10.2bn bid from Toblerone maker Kraft Foods
Telegraph UK-- Gordon Brown, the Nowhere Man can still hit back – but he can't just let it be
Guardian UK-- Cadbury rejects £10.2bn takeover offer from US food maker Kraft
Sydney Morning Herald-- Currency surge hurts exporters
Sydney Morning Herald-- PM Kevin Rudd says stimulus package saved jobs

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