Sunday, September 13, 2009

Terrace grabs its weekend of fame

If you've listened to the radio over the last few days, more than likely you couldn't help but notice the rather frequent reminders that "Terrace did it", as in their successful capturing of the Hockeyville title for 2009.

This weekend has been the focal point of those celebrations with many events taking place leading up to Monday's hockey game between the Canucks and the Islanders.

By far though, it would seem that the single highlight of the weekend thus far was the arrival of the Stanley Cup in the city and the lure that Lord Stanley's mug seems to have had on those from across the Northwest.

The National Post outlined some of their impressions (one or two it would appear not quite researched enough) of Terrace's moment of fame.

Elsewhere other updates on the weekend could be found as well, all providing a sample of the enthusiasm that seems to be gripping our neighbours to the east.

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Terrace Standard-- Thousands greet Stanley Cup
Terrace standard-- Hal, Hockeyville and Luongo
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Vancouver Province-- Hockeyville heats up

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