Tuesday, September 08, 2009

No Love to share for Premier Campbell…

No matter how many interpretations he makes over the current polling from Angus Reid, Premier Gordon Campbell is going to have to come to one conclusion, just three short months after his third mandate his popularity is plummeting and the plotting to grab his place as the head of Government must surely be underway.

Campbell’s first glimpse of his declining fortunes came with the results of a September 5 poll conducted by Angus Reid which shows a fourteen percent drop in the popularity of the Liberal party since election day in May.
Much of the blame on the Liberal's pain can be laid on their handling of the economy, with 60 perecnt of those polled siding with the NDP opposition when they suggest that it's been the Liberal mishandling of the economy that has led to the current massive deficit that British Columbians face.
With that rapid decline of fortune provided that the folks at Angus Reid provided, we are left with the ever popular question of If not Gordon Campbell then who?

The weekend poll shows that three of four British Columbians think it best that the Premier not make plans beyond his 2013 expiry date. And well, if their findings are correct, anyone associated with the current regime may wish to put aside any thoughts for the campaign for leader.

Should the poll findings of September 7 be correct, British Columbians had best get used to the name Dianne Watts, currently the Mayor of Surrey, Ms. Watts had a reading of +14, far and away the most popular of the names provided over the weekend in the poll.

A not so close second went to former Liberal MLA and current CKNW talk show host Christy Clark who had a +1 rating, while a lengthy list of current MLA’s both Liberal and NDP populate the negatives.

The negative numbers declined with Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson who may want to stay in Vancouver for a bit with a -9 reading, back inside the Leg the numbers gave Finance Minister Colin Hansen a -11, NDP leader Carole James showed no growth with a -11 and Housing and Social Development Minister Rich Coleman can probably put away the dream as he tested the bottom at -21.

The list was conspicuous with its absences, former finance Minister Carole Taylor was not listed when it came to the Liberal camp, nor is there apparently no high profile heir apparent in the NDP ranks at the moment, though one suspects that the jockeying to replace Ms. James may very well begin shortly, with the Liberals in free fall it seems the NDP may wish to get a new profile out there sooner than later now.

The one thing that we seem to be able to take from these polling numbers for now is, that fresh faces (or those that have sat on the sidelines during the current implosion) may have the best chance for success when British Columbians return to the polls in four years time.

We're only two weeks into the new session of the Legislature and it would seem that we're already tired of those same old faces with the same old views.

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