Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's the economy (September 17, 2009)

The Dollar continues its upward march, the recession apparently is over in BC while Englands problems seem to only be beginning, some of the items of note in Thursday's financial news. .

Globe and Mail-- Dollar hits highest mark in 11 months
Globe and Mail-- Bombardier lands plane order for $770-million
Globe and Mail-- Sun Life promises not to cut dividend
National Post-- Collapse of commodity prices biggest risk for mining companies: Ernst and Young
National Post-- AMR does little to reverse Bombardier's troubles
National Post-- Apple has won MP3 market, sorry Zune: RBC
Vancouver Sun-- Recession’s over in B.C: report
Vancouver Province-- Transmission line to power northwest B.C.
New York Times-- Citing Risks, U.S. Seeks New Rules for Niche Banks
New York Times-- U.S. Housing Starts Hit 9-Month High
Times online UK-- Postal union threat to expand wildcat action into national strike
Times online UK-- Warren Buffett's favourite suits sends Trands shares soaring
Times online UK-- One in five young people out of work as jobless total surges
Telegraph online UK-- John Lewis says 2009 is proving better than feared despite a slide in profits
Telegraph online UK-- Lord Levene warns over 'demonisation' of City
Telegraph online UK-- Lloyds scheme fails FSA stress tests
Guardian UK-- Foreign investment in UK falls by half
Guardian UK-- Consumer spending recovery runs out of steam in August
The Scotsman-- Daniels' dream on a knife edge as EU-led break-up of Lloyds looms
The Scotsman-- UK Coal in £100m cash call for mines
Sydney Morning Herald-- Good times roll as money worries slide
Sydney Morning Herald-- Credit card debt falls at fastest rate in 14 years
Sydney Morning Herald-- Telstra woes mount: pay offer mauled
People's Daily on line-- China holds over 800 billion U.S. Treasury Bonds again
People's Daily on line-- Riled Chinese tire-makers refuse to roll over

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