Wednesday, September 09, 2009

It's the economy (September 9, 2009)

Home starts rebound in September, China seeks out new investments and Monopoly comes to the wired world, some of the items of note for September 9.

Globe and Mail-- Canadian home construction surges
Globe and Mail-- Barrick raises offering to $4 billion
Globe and Mail-- World's biggest monopoly game kicks off
National Post-- Royal Bank could raise $15-billion in debt, pref shares
National Post-- Rona to benefit from housing upturn
National Post-- Oil prices fall below US$71 as OPEC meets
Vancouver Sun-- B.C. leads the way as housing starts rise more than expected in August
Vancouver Sun-- Home affordability improves but trend may not last: RBC
New York Times-- Chinese Oil Company Gets $30 Billion Loan for Acquisitions
New York Times-- Vivendi Bids $2.9 Billion for Brazilian Phone Operator
Times Online UK-- Darling prepares for spending cuts amid signs recession is ending
Times Online UK-- Economic output nudges back into positive territory
Times Online UK-- There’s gold in them thar hills
Telegraph UK-- Gold price: what next?
Telegraph UK-- FTSE 100 hits 5,000 level for first time since October
Guardian UK-- Spending cuts boost Britain's chances of holding on to top credit rating
Guardian UK-- S.Korea house loans raise stakes for central bank
Sydney Morning Herald-- China makes power play for uranium
Sydney Morning Herald-- Russian oil exports top Saudis
People's Daily online-- China advances to the 29th most competitive economy
People's Daily online-- China promises further opportunities for overseas investment: State Councilor

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