Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chinese business officials wrap up their tour of Northern BC

Eighteen officials from China have spent the last few days learning more about what Northern British Columbia has to offer, discovering more about Prince George's recently upgraded airport and getting a first hand look at what Prince Rupert's Fairview Terminal has been up to over the last year.

The eighteen are part of a group taking part in the Northern Pacific Gateway Trade and Investment Forum held in Prince George this week, a session designed to increase awareness of transportation initiatives in the Northern Corridor.

Monday was a day trip to Rupert, learning more about the current operations of the Fairview Container Terminal and what the future may hold with Phase Two and beyond.

The Chinese visitors are representing a number of logistics, freight forwarders and air cargo carriers, their travels to the logistics forum is more or less a fact finding mission to develop links and seek out further information about opportunities available in the two cities.

The four day event came to an end today, providing a whirlwind overview of potential transportation benefits to their industries should they utilize the Northern Gateway.

The conference and touring sessions haven't made much news in the western half of that Northern Gateway, but in Prince George it seems that every move of the visiting delegation has been chronicled in that city's media.

The four day event came to an end today, providing

Some of their observations and reports can be found below.

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