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Podunk Below the Masthead, Friday, September 4, 2009

The electronic gremlins seem to be afflicting the Daily News website once again, with the time warp apparently stuck on Thursday, however, thanks to the electronic highway, some of the key items of the Daily News Friday edition are available through their partnership with the Prince George Citizen.

So, we'll review the news of their day as best we can, in our usual format, making use of the PG links as we can, leaving space for updated links from the Daily News whenever they are posted.

So with the preamble out of the way, on with the news.

A young fellow with a kind turn highlights the Daily's News cycle, Community grants from the province's gaming industry are once again in the debit column and the look at the life of a former Rupertite slain in Manitoba make for some of the items of interest in the Friday paper.

DAILY NEWS, Front page, headline story
AN ACT OF KINDNESS FROM A VERY YOUNG HEART-- The front page of the Daily highlights the efforts of four year old Griffin Toye-Oeshe who donated his birthday money in the spirit of giving to the Wildlife Shelter (see story here PG link) (Daily News archive) story is also provided at the end of this post.

The Provincial Government did an about face when it came to taking away previously arranged money through the various gaming, by Thursday, the government had reversed itself and grant money was flowing again (see story here PG Link) (Daily News Archive)

The aftermath of the tragic and horrific murder of former Prince Rupert resident Martyn James Hendy is profiled in Friday's paper, as George T. Baker reviews the facts of the crime and reviews the impact that it has had on Hendy's family and friends, the first part of a two part series (see story here PG Link) (Daily News archive)

Bureaucracy at it's possible worst is examined as well, as local Doctor Marcus Pienaar outlines the steps taken by a Health Canada food inspector who travelled quite a few miles to review a one page file, leading the Doctor and perhaps a good many readers to wonder if our tax dollars are being spent properly (see story here PG Link) (Daily news archive)

A look at the Terrace Drag strips Bike wars is featured in the sports section as well as a preview of this years English Premier League soccer season courtesy of local realtor and soccer aficionado Keith Lambourne.

Daily News Front page, headline story

An act of kindness from a very young heart
Written by George T. Baker
Prince Rupert Daily News
Friday, September 4, 2009

There may be a day down the road that Griffin Toye-Oeshe forgets the his good deed at such a young age.

But there is a good chance that Gunther and Nancy Golinias of the Prince Rupert Wildlife Shelter Society won’t ever forget what Toye-Oeshe did for them and the animals they care for.

The Golinias are always dependent on the generosity of Prince Rupert and when it comes from a senior member of the community, it is always welcomed and appreciated.

But when a four-year old holds his hand out, stuffed with $155 worth of offering for the shelter, it seems to mean a little more.

“It’s a wonderful story - a real good spirit,” praised Gunther of the young man’s benevolence at a time when children are often accused of being selfish.

Toye-Oesche is more humble about his gift, stating that all he wanted to do is pitch in.

“I was trying to help the animals so that they could eat some food,” explained Toye-Oesche.
To be fair, the idea wasn’t Toye-Oesche’s but his mother’s, Kate Toye. And the generosity of the Toyes is not a singular event in the City of Rainbows.

Toye said she had wanted to do something for her son’s birthday that was bigger than just him, but also involved him intimately in the outcome.

A friend told her about a local custom for birthday parties around Prince Rupert where parents encourage guests to donate money to a local charity instead of giving presents. Upon hearing this, Toye said it was a no-brainer.

“We called Gunther and Nancy late one night last winter to tend to a hurt animal and they came as quick as they could. I thought whatever we could do for these people is amazing,” said Toye.

The Golinias work day-and-night - late night - to help wild animals from the surrounding North Coast area recuperate and return successfully to their habitat.

Well perhaps it isn’t impossible to contemplate such an amazing spirit among Prince Ruperts’ youngest.

But the Golinias believe that any individual help from the public is worthy of praise.

The PRWS relies heavily on donations from the public, and while not every story will receive public notoriety, it does not make the efforts worth less in any way.

“Absolutely no small feat. I tell you, to give that up is outstanding. Griffin gave us the biggest donation from the smallest person,” said Golinias

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